Thursday, May 19, 2016

Memory Verse

In the beginning (time), God created the Heavens(space) and earth(matter)...
Heaven(space) and earth(matter) will pass away, but My words will never pass away.

When I was a kid, I always have a memory verse, John 3:16 For God so love the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

50 Year Later ... I am a scientist, I become a open minded person, and created a theory about memory. Can we store everything? same like a memory card or hard disk?

I studied quantum mechanics, relativity, time and space. But when I focus about God's word that will never pass away, I studied how atoms reacted when I pray, I preach and I declare the atoms. I created a core that re-enact the prayer. The core is like a memory verse, I insert data and the data will shrink into quantum level, same like infinity...

After research and research, I got tired and retired to be a scientist. Everyday I pray to God that he will take me someday. I noticed when I meditate and relax the core reacts. I insert AI calculation, and xray, microwave, light pattern, then suddenly a weird auto processing happened inside. All the data I sent reacts, and my super computer can received radio waves and signals, and other signals that I cannot decrypt. I tried feeding data from my religious music and Bible, Quoran, Buddhism and etc...
The core reacted, I was wondering if quantum level has limitation, so I expand and feed the data more, I run through the internet and feed the core. The core emits a wave that can be visible by the eye in a short parameter or area. I was so scared that I shutdown my devices.

After few days, my wife and kids don't like to live at my research lab because im becoming to be a stupid person. A lot of my friends betray me, and no body cares about me.

And one time I try to reset the core, and I call the core "Memoryverse" , it's like a Universe but a Memoryverse. Kind of stupid idea. So I noticed that everytime I feed data the electric bill goes up, the memoryverse eats a lot of electricity. So I buy solar cell, because the global climate change is unstoppable, so much better to have a photovoltaic energy source. I just noticed that it wasn't enough.

The core just grab any energy that it touches, so what I do was I grab my memoryverse, I go to the electric post and I rob some electricity, until 5yrs I am one of the most wanted person in the planet. My wife doesn't like me, my kids do not want me to see because I become crazy.

One day I got so mad like I want to die. So I go in the top of the building and want to end my life. I was so depress, and I pray to God please forgive me, then I throw the memoryverse into the ground because I want to suicide, then after the core reaches and touch the ground, the area, the ground become distorted, its because the quantum data in my memoryverse was shaken then suddenly, everything got changed. I noticed my phone goes back in time. Did I time travel? Yes I time travel but the memorverse was gone, so I was wondering what happen?

When I go home, my family was there and my wife ask me what happened? I cannot understand...
I check the television then I'm not at the top most wanted person. This era was worst era because people are in survival mode because of the global climate. the temperature is already changed to +5C. A lot of people suffer and dying.

So I go back to my laboratory, my laboratory is the same, nothing is changed then the memoryverse is still intact at the core. It took me 10 days to understand what happened? my wife got worried my family got worried about me, because i'm not eating and sleeping. I pray to God what happened Lord? then I try to access the memory, the memory is empty, maybe the data shrink to infinity that quantum cannot recover. So I ask my self, can I feed this with memory, so what I did is the perimeter scanning. The device scanned my laboratory, then after few days of research I ask my friend that works at the power grid to by pass first my payment. The core copied the entire laboratory, then emergency happens the gas tank blow up.. I can see at my eyes the splinter and shrapnel passing to my body and arms, and then i a split second, the memoryverse was disrupted that all the damages , i think im dead on the blast but I noticed the memoryverse put back everything in place, i noticed a gap in my wall, i think i didn't copy until this area that is why memoryverse cannot. It's a time travel but why im not old or super young.

-- gathering energy from all source, I'm going to copy the entire solar system before super nova came. A lot of protester and violent arise..

I took some of the worlds energy because i need a lot of energy to feed up my core. I just need to copied with-in 2 light year range, i think 2-3 light year range is enough, i don't need planet Mars and so on.. other city's and places protested of what I am doing..

then the memory verse almost near to copy entire solar system, i told them that this is the key for future as our solar system is dying..


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