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Don't under estimate Mt. Pulag

I felt it is over. .

I’m Ryan a Web Designer, and I’m not a professional mountain climber. I don’t have any full experience about the BMT101 (Basic Mountaineer Training), Good thing Juan Adventure has the basics, and I just take it for granted. I was already informed by my fellow mountaineers that the mountain is not a joke. I thought it is just a normal climb like how I climb my grandparent’s place where they live at the mountain. I do not know water proofing so I just gather all my cotton long sleeve to keep me warm at the mountain. Mt. Pulag – Akiki trail is my 3rd mountain to climb, they said that it is the same as the previous mountain that I climb but x 12 the distance. So I check my stamina and strength then I concluded that I can do it.

Day 1 somewhere 800-900meters – It was an awesome day, a clear sky. On this day I have a high-fever but I take paracetamol and pain-reliever.

Day 2 – 12hours hike going to the peak 2922meters – When we reach somewhere 1800MASL at Pine Forest, the rain comes, time was 8AM I think. I grab my poncho and umbrella, I’m the only climber wearing a thin poncho that even grass and small branches can puncture through it. 
While going to the Moisy Forest 2200MASL, the oxygen level go down, it’s not comfortable to breath. I notice that my shoes is so wet, then my poncho has so many holes, then the back of the poncho has a large hole, it was not a good sign. At day 1 my bag was suddenly opened while going to camp1, I notice that my bag can’t hold the tent that was attach at the bag, my bag is a 6yrs old normal bag, it is not a mountaineering bag, then all my things fall, I was at the cliff that time then good thing Mr. tour guide quickly save me, when I put back all my things, I notice the zipper doesn’t lock properly and it's broken.

When we reach the Grassland 2600MASL, the wind was blowing so hard, and I need to close my umbrella, I’m exposed to the rain but I don’t care if I’m fully wet because I was so tired and excited.

After we reach the camp site, the rain suddenly gone but the wind was still blowing violently. I was so wet, so I need to changed clothes, I remove all my jacket poncho, caps, shoes and etc., then when I open my bag, and my bag was full of waters. Whoa! my bag suddenly become a water bladder. ALL MY CLOTHES WERE WET. A very big problem because my bag has a big hole at the top, and that bag was very old already. We reach the camp site around 3/4PM, so the weather was fair and the temperature was so cold, maybe 8C-5C below.
I dry up my clothes at the grass, including my wet socks, so I don’t have socks on my shoes. The cold was tremendous. The only dry stuffs I have is my brief and small shorts. I pack up all my digital devices, wallet, and cellphones inside a plastic, it was 4 layered plastic and I locked it up. So I decided that I will open the plastic when I reach the safe place tomorrow. No more communication and taking picture at this time.
The leader of Juan Adventure offered the team to continue the journey at sundown, because we will have two chances to see the sunset and sunrise. The leader ask who wants to come and check the summit. I was so excited that I don’t even care if it is so cold so I volunteer myself to join the adventure even I came back to the camp site at night time. So I go with them, then I started chilling… my friends experience ice crystal on their face as we would through the path, we enjoyed exposing our face in the storm because the water is in freezing point already. We waited for the sunset but no sunset for this time due to the thick clouds, then we came down going back to the campsite. I thought it was near, but while we go back to the camp site, I got a hard time breathing. It was so cold that my mouth started to release cold breath/mist/smoke. After I reach our camp site, I immediately get inside and start to sleep chillen, this is not a normal chillen I experienced.
We shared with my friend at the tent, I sleep directly to the mat, and I can feel the stone and grass underneath. I never know that my friend has a bed padding, so I get inside with my sleeping bag and sleep, after a quick snap. I suddenly woke up because the wind and rain was so strong, I forgot my shoes outside, so I check then my shoes was full of cold water, then my cloves, jacket was so wet outside. So I have nothing to do and go back to sleep because I was so tired. I sleep with wet t-shirt, then I realize that my sleeping bag is so cold, my feet is getting numb. Then I touch the sleeping bag, oh no. Our tent was flooded with water coming from the moist. My campmate is already wiping the moist. Then I wipe my side as well.
After my campmate go to sleep, the chilling started again, then suddenly I wake up and I cannot feel my two legs. I got panic, because I don’t know what happened, I remove the wet socks, and wet sleeping bed. Then I rob my foot to keep warm then after rubbing I feel my foot again. I was so afraid about what happened because literally I cannot feel my legs, my both legs, oh Lord please help me. I wake up my friend and asking to hug him or to have body heat, my friend was laughing and tell me to go back to sleep. Yeah, who the heck will do that…? I rather choose to die than to do that. hahaha
-1C at that night, the wind is blowing hard, the rain is falling so hard, the tent is dripping waters. My fever is getting high and I think my body should be heating but my body is getting cold, then headache is getting to migraine, then runny nose, coughing, and my body is shaking rapidly. I ask my friend that I’m not joking but who will say yes to my request.  So I struggling until I feel sleepy, I can feel my heartbeat slowly beating. Then I fall asleep…
When I fall asleep, I remember a news that reminds me how to survive.
By that time, the little boy Miguel was shivering from the cold.
“He told me, ‘Kuya, I will sleep now. I’m so tired already,” Carangan said.
“Don’t sleep! Look, we are near land already!” he shouted at the boy’s ears.
To encourage the boy, he pointed to what he thought was a wave that seemed like a wall. To his surprise, they have indeed reached the shoreline.
“Maybe he’s the reason I’m still alive because God wants to me to make sure this child will live,” the Air Force officer said of Miguel.
I suddenly woke up… 10PM, then I stay awake until 4AM, I didn’t sleep… I’m afraid I will die in sleeping like what I saw at the TV like Discovery channel, a person die in a cold sleep.
My hand was so weak, I’m crying the whole night, I want to shout but my voice is different due to the sore throat and cough, I feel that this is it, this is the end.
Then I pray to my love ones, like I think I can’t survive, while praying, I think of someone, someone encourage me to struggle for life.
What encourage me to survive was my mother. (it was long story why i struggle and rage to survive) 
After 4AM I wake up my friend, and ask if I can go first? I want to go down to the mountain because it was so crazy cold. My friend told me no, it is so dangerous, maybe I’ll lost my way at the path, but I’m so desperate to go down that time.
Then suddenly I got LBM and started to vomit, I go out the tent, then got wet again by the rain, then I lost at the mountain, I do not know where the toilet is. I vomit along the path, then go back to the tent and ask my friend where is the toilet. When I manage to find the toilet area at the dark freezing and stormy night, I open the door of the toilet then, it was so damn awful smell like you know hahaha, after I finish using the toilet. I realize toilet place is not very cold, so I stay for 30 mins inside the toilet waiting for the team to break camp. The toilet do not have a bowl, it just a big hole going down, I can still see ancients poo in there, not just seeing on it but smelling as well. Yeah... this is life, full of bacteria.
After I feel that my body heat comes back and I have the guts, I go back to the tent for preparation. I ask my friend to borrow his dried wind breaker, dried socks and head gear. I manage to get warm for few minutes then I give it back dried socks and head gear to my friend. I pray to God that if this is my last day, I’m happy and I’m ready to be with my Lord. I take all 4 remaining paracetamol and Ibuprofen, I don't care if I go high this time, because on day1 I was already get high by the medicine.
I grab all my things, and I cover my body with 7 layers of protection. 1st is wet Akiki t-shirt, 2nd is black garbage bag, 3rd is the wet tshirt, 4th is the wet long sleeve, 5th is the dried wind breaker that I borrow, 6th is the thin poncho and 7th is the wet wind breaker. I put plastic at my foot but the plastic got ripped off a sudden, so I use double wet socks at my feet, brrrr so cold, then I inserted my foot in the shoes that is full of icy water. Brrrr…. Then I put my wet gloves and wet headgear.
We break the camp, and I can’t feel my foot and fingers because of the cold. My friend told me do not force your skin or it will be punctured as the skin is too fragile due to the cold temp and water. I break the camp as fast as I can because I want to go home asap and I don’t care about the mountain any more. This is survival mode, I feel dizzy and got a little hallucination maybe because of the medicine.
After we reach the summit again for the last pictorial, we rush going down to the trail. Because I’m on a hurry because it was so cold, I accidentally fell at the cliff/edge then I roll many times, oh Lord is this the end? am I going to die like this? thank God, my adrenaline and reflexes grab some long grass, if not then I don’t know. I slip 3 times along the way. My stick was broken and pointed to my chest like I will get barbecueize, I was so thirsty and I have no more water, so hungry and tired…

Thank God after few hours, I declare to myself that I survive. 

Thanks JuanAdventure!


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Cebupacific (Airbus) A320 Family slides off the airstrip at Davao airport.

The Airbus A320 family consists of short- to medium-range, narrow-body, ... It ranked as the world's fastest-selling jet airliner family according to records from ..... a reduction insafety or an increase in the crew's workload during the final flight ...

(from wikipedia)


(Updated 10:11) A Cebu Pacific aircraft skidded off the runway of the Francisco Bangoy International Airport in Davao on Sunday night, the airline's spokesperson said. The airplane "veered off the runway after it took off," forcing the aircraft to land again, Cebu Pacific's spokesperson, Candice Iyog,
said in a phone interview. All the passengers were safely disembarked, she added. — DVM, GMA News

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

100 Words to say "I Love You" <3

English - I love you
Afrikaans - Ek het jou lief
Albanian - Te dua
Arabic - Ana behibak (to male)
Arabic - Ana behibek (to female)
Armenian - Yes kez sirumem
Bambara - M'bi fe
Bengali - Ami tomake bhalobashi (pronounced: Amee toe-ma-kee bhalo-bashee)
Belarusian - Ya tabe kahayu
Bisaya - Nahigugma ako kanimo
Bulgarian - Obicham te
Cambodian - Soro lahn nhee ah
Catalan - T'estimo
Cherokee - Tsi ge yu i
Cheyenne - Ne mohotatse
Chichewa - Ndimakukonda
Cantonese - Ngo oiy ney a
Mandarin - Wo ai ni
Comanche - U kamakutu nu
(pronounced oo----ka-ma-koo-too-----nu) -- Thx Tony
Corsican - Ti tengu caru (to male)
Cree - Kisakihitin
Creol - Mi aime jou
Croatian - Volim te
Czech - Miluji te
Danish - Jeg Elsker Dig
Dutch - Ik hou van jou
Elvish - Amin mela lle (from The Lord of The Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien)
Esperanto - Mi amas vin
Estonian - Ma armastan sind
Ethiopian - Afgreki'
Faroese - Eg elski teg
Send Flowers Farsi - Doset daram
Filipino - Mahal kita
Finnish - Mina rakastan sinua
French - Je t'aime, Je t'adore
Frisian - Ik hald fan dy
Gaelic - Ta gra agam ort
Georgian - Mikvarhar
German - Ich liebe dich
Greek - S'agapo
Gujarati - Hoo thunay prem karoo choo
Hiligaynon - Palangga ko ikaw
Hawaiian - Aloha Au Ia`oe
To female - "ani ohev otach" (said by male) "ohevet Otach" (said by female)
To male - "ani ohev otcha" (said by male) "Ohevet ot'cha" (said by female)
Hiligaynon - Guina higugma ko ikaw
Hindi - Hum Tumhe Pyar Karte hae
Hmong - Kuv hlub koj
Hopi - Nu' umi unangwa'ta
Hungarian - Szeretlek
Icelandic - Eg elska tig
Ilonggo - Palangga ko ikaw
Indonesian - Saya cinta padamu
Inuit - Negligevapse
Irish - Taim i' ngra leat
Italian - Ti amo
Japanese - Aishiteru or Anata ga daisuki desu
Kannada - Naanu ninna preetisuttene
Kapampangan - Kaluguran daka
Kiswahili - Nakupenda
Konkani - Tu magel moga cho
Korean - Sarang Heyo or Nanun tangshinul sarang hamnida
Latin - Te amo
Latvian - Es tevi miilu
Lebanese - Bahibak
Lithuanian - Tave myliu
Luxembourgeois - Ech hun dech gaer
Macedonian - Te Sakam
Malay - Saya cintakan mu / Aku cinta padamu
Malayalam - Njan Ninne Premikunnu
Maltese - Inhobbok
Marathi - Me tula prem karto
Mohawk - Kanbhik
Moroccan - Ana moajaba bik
Nahuatl - Ni mits neki
Navaho - Ayor anosh'ni
Ndebele - Niyakutanda
Bokmaal - Jeg elsker deg
Nyonrsk - Eg elskar deg
Pandacan - Syota na kita!!
Pangasinan - Inaru Taka
Papiamento - Mi ta stimabo
Persian - Doo-set daaram
Pig Latin - Iay ovlay ouyay
Polish - Kocham Ciebie
Portuguese - Eu te amo
Romanian - Te iubesc
Russian - Ya tebya liubliu
Scot Gaelic - Tha gra\dh agam ort
Serbian - Volim te
Setswana - Ke a go rata
Sign Language - ,\,,/ (represents position of fingers when signing 'I Love You')
Sindhi - Maa tokhe pyar kendo ahyan
Sioux - Techihhila
Slovak - Lu`bim ta
Slovenian - Ljubim te
Spanish - Te quiero / Te amo
Swahili - Ninapenda wewe
Swedish - Jag alskar dig
Swiss-German - Ich lieb Di
Surinam - Mi lobi joe
Tagalog - Mahal kita
Taiwanese - Wa ga ei li
Tahitian - Ua Here Vau Ia Oe
Tamil - Nan unnai kathalikaraen
Telugu - Nenu ninnu premistunnanu
To female - Phom rak khun
To male - Chan rak khun
Informal - Rak te
Tunisian - Ha eh bak
Turkish - Seni Seviyorum
Ukrainian - Ya tebe kahayu
Urdu - mai aap say pyaar karta hoo
To female - Anh ye^u em
To male - Em ye^u anh
Welsh - 'Rwy'n dy garu di
Yiddish - Ikh hob dikh
Yoruba - Mo ni fe
Zazi - Ezhele hezdege
Zuni - Tom ho' ichema

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You know N/A Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Action

When i saw her at the school, my blood circulation rapidly pump blood like a Saturn V rocket busters massively pump fuel for ignition. My mind process like a Pentium 1 in a Quad Core Socket. I always think, that Airolg doesn't like me, we are not meant to be, im quite not genius, im just an ordinary guy thinking and dreaming in a dream world thats impossible to be in real. I always compare myself to others, to her and to my friends. I study and research for possibilities, but statistic shows that I've got -1% chance. My mind wanna split up, because i like Airolg so much. The other part of my brain argue with the other, and my heart judges who is the right one, my heart don't want votes to choose a decision, because

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oro (Stellar Fish Bomb)

Oro - an stellar space fish, from the book of the ‘my unknown friend’ and from artifact of ‘untitled me’, they believed that the mega fish had a enormous fuselage that can contain a size big as a city large.

Chapter 1 - My Dream

Chapter 2 - The Questions Untold

Chapter 3 - Formula of Possibities

Chapter 4 - Hopeless Destruction

Chapter 5 - When The End Is The Beginning

Chapter 6 - My Story

Monday, April 7, 2008

You Know N/A

You Know N/A

Chapter 1 - Impossible

2002 AD - Im sXabyr - Isa ka adlaw sa skwelahan, first year pako adto na panahon. Kani laging adik sa mga games, murag ang permi huna2x games najud tanan, pag mag ka0n, gahuna2x unsa pag daug sa needforspeed, starcraft, diablo warcraft, counterstrike, granTurismo, Dinocrisis, Armored Core, Resident evil, ug uban. Sa cge nakog huna2x ug tanga2x sa kilid sa hagdanan sa CIT, naay kalit ga dali dali ug baklay na bae. then tingala ko kai,
ak0ng gi huna2x na mga dula, na wagtang kalit. so nakurat ko, ak0ng gi sunod tong bayhana sa pag saka niya kai na tingala lang ko. pag saka nako sa taas, nakita nako siya na nakatalikod, pagkakita palang nako sa iyang buhok,
gahuna2x dayun ko kinsay ka pareha niya ug buhok sa anime ug ubang mga games, after pagtalikod niya, milingi sya ug milabay sa ak0ng atubangan. na tingala ko kai murag na freeze ko kalit. wow, nakaing0n ko sa akong kaugalingon na, kinsa kaha to.

Sa ka adik nako ug mga dula, naa rako atubangan sa computer permi, ga dula, ga dula ug gadula taman sa mag sakit. ak0ng computer adtong panahona perting hinaya, ang battle realms kai ga freeze then slow mo. 64mb ra akong memory. First year pako, wala koi plano na mo graduate, basta maka sulod lang sa klase paytz na. Akong ipatigbaylo ang skwela ug dula, kai ang am0ng skwelahan sa college pwede man diay mo gawas,dli pareha sa highschool na murag piniriso.

Akong mga amigo taga lahi na skwelahan, so ga conflict among pag kitakita-i kai, dli ko bakante kun bakante sila. so akong unahon ang mga barkada ayha ang skwela after hapit na mahuman ang 1st semester sa first year. na problema ko kai wala koy paspas ug mga projects, apil2x ug mga quiz, ug uban pa na pang skwelahan na buhaton. so na bagsak ko sa FFP (Freshmen Formation Program) sakto bah?

Tung0d sa barkada, dula, laag ug ubang kasilik-an sa mga batan-on, ako jud nang unahon kai sa skwela. naa koy mga barkada ug amigo na ga inum, pero dli ko ga apil ug inum2x, sigarilyo ug chika2x. ang ako lang jud kai dula, laag, dula, dula ug dula. kun mag inum ak0ng barkada, naa rako sa kwarto sa ak0ng barkada ga dula, kun mag chika2x sila, naa rako sa kwarto sa akong barkada. pero wala nagdugay, ni hinay2x ug kahilom among panagtigum. kai ako rai lahi ug skwelahan sa ilang tanan. Fun manjud to ilang skwelahan, ambot ngano fun ang tawag.

After pila ka bulan, naa na dayun koi bag-o na mga amigo na mga klasmayt, ak0ng una na mga amigo sa skwelahan kai murag mga adik, ga inum ug sigarilyo, mamirahay, ug puro bad record daw sila sa hi-school, wala ko magdugay sa ila kai, ila kung gi bya-an, kai dli nila gusto ma damay ang innocenting sXabyr. nakasabot ko sa ilang gi pasabut.

pila ka adlaw, na close friend nako to akong mga classmate na dli kaau closefriend nako. una nako na amigo si jamber and ronald. mga bright to sila, ang kurso nako na gikuha kai computer science, wala jud koy hanaw unsa na ang c0mputer science, apil pud tong akong amigo na si jamber, ing0n daw niya na ang program kai kanang naay opening prayer, introduction, remarks and etc. sa computer. ak0 adto na panahon wajud ko kasabot unsa ang programming. wa mag dugay. naa napud koy amigo na na ilhan, ang pangalan si roland. kini si jamber,ronald and roland.dli kaau me close ani, na close lang nako ni sila kai sabay manpud diay mo dula ug c0mputer, na amigo nako ni sila
tung0d sa computer games.

Chapter 2 - The G name

Years passed. I sXabyr was thinking deeply on that happy college days with the Lord. I love to worship God, praise Him, Love Him, coz He gave me the joy and happiness everyday in my life.

2005 - sXabyr - i was 4th yr college at this time and one of the requirements before graduate is to be a member of any organization. so i joined circulo de arte(CDA), where i meet the girl again for the passed 3 years.

I was so lucky at that time, because She is the one who (bisaya mode) tawag me, i mean gitawag ko niya. so paglingi nako, hala, im paralyze in just milliseconds. She called me hoi Mr.EGneeRing. When she called me that name, my mind thinks like a quadcore processor, but the Front size bus on my memory runs in 100mbps. imaginary flowers exist everywhere, then myself stop the action of daydreaming mode of my heart.

I knew her before, when i ask my classmate ' who's that girl?'. they said AirolG - so my mind quickly stored the encrypted name to G..

When i looked at her, my eyes can't lock on target. When she call me, my ear automatically close valve and my mouth is on silent mode. My heart always deny for what im doing. The named G always stock on my heart and mind, every hour and every minute. This was the time that sXabyr was fall in love with a girl named G. [the story begins]

Everyday, i can't sleep or hardly eat my breakfast before going to school. This feeling is totally different from what i feel to my crushes. G is not my crush, She is more than my crush, if there is a word more than synonym of crush, thats the word of what i feel to G.

My father, mother, uncle, auntie, pastor, lola, and other people. keeps me remind of what they said to me, ' ayaw sa pag uyab2x' before graduate. so i put in my mind and heart what they said to me, i know and i believe the passage in the bible that children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right. God will not just make us righteous but He promise us to give long life, good health and a bright future if we just obey His words.