Thursday, April 24, 2008

You know N/A Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Action

When i saw her at the school, my blood circulation rapidly pump blood like a Saturn V rocket busters massively pump fuel for ignition. My mind process like a Pentium 1 in a Quad Core Socket. I always think, that Airolg doesn't like me, we are not meant to be, im quite not genius, im just an ordinary guy thinking and dreaming in a dream world thats impossible to be in real. I always compare myself to others, to her and to my friends. I study and research for possibilities, but statistic shows that I've got -1% chance. My mind wanna split up, because i like Airolg so much. The other part of my brain argue with the other, and my heart judges who is the right one, my heart don't want votes to choose a decision, because

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